When you buy jewellery from The Evil Eye Company, we want it to be worn as long as possible. To help achieve this we have created this jewellery care page.


Jewellery care basics:

  • Your jewellery should be kept dry

  • Jewellery should be:

    1. The last item you put on when getting ready;

    2. The First item you take off at the end of the day

  • Jewellery should be stored properly

  • Keep it clean


Keeping your jewellery tarnish free: Dry jewellery is tarnish free jewellery.

Take your jewellery off when washing dishes or doing laundry: Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products will strip jewellery finishes.

No jewellery in the pool/spa: Chlorine found in pools can change the colour of some jewellery metals.

Say no to jewellery cleaners: Cleaners made for precious metals is too harsh for fashion jewellery.

Don’t apply lotions; perfumes; makeup and hairspray whilst wearing jewellery: Lotions/perfumes that aren’t completely natural can react with jewellery. 

Store your jewellery properly: Use a jewellery box or a secure container to prevent movement. When storing your jewellery try to wrap each piece in anti-tarnish paper and if possible, remove air whilst storing. This will aid in reducing tarnishing and oxidisation.

Cleaning your jewellery: The best way to clean your jewellery is by using a small amount of soap and water with a soft toothbrush. This will help remove the particulates that build up in your jewellery piece during use.

Why is my jewellery turning my skin green? Skin turning green from wearing jewellery? There are a variety of jewellery metals that can turn your skin green. This is basically an oxidation process that occurs when you combine certain jewellery metals with skin/water.

Often, fashion jewellery predominantly made from Copper leads to skin discoloration. It’s important to remember that skin discoloration from jewellery is not the same as a skin reaction or allergic reaction.

Getting green skin from certain metals is a common reaction and does not hurt or harm your skin. If your skin is itchy or red, then you’re dealing with an allergic reaction to the metal, rather than a chemical reaction.

Ways to prevent jewellery discolouration:

  • Minimize your copper jewellery, or only wear them sparingly and for short periods of time.

  • Get your jewellery rhodium plated, which will put a layer of protection between the jewellery and your skin and also increase the lifespan of your jewellery.

  • Don’t wear jewellery that turns skin green on hot days, because perspiration is the main reason why jewellery metals oxidize against your skin and lead to discoloration.

  • Clean your jewellery regularly to remove dirt, liquids, lotions or soap particles which might cling to the jewellery and lead to oxidation against the skin.

  • Don’t swim with your jewellery on as chlorine and copper produce an intense reaction against your skin.

  • Remove your jewellery when cleaning. Standard cleaning supplies also contain chlorine which can cause discoloration when wearing gold jewellery.

  • Intermittently remove jewellery items to alleviate skin discoloration and give your skin a chance to breathe.